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Be Here Now ~ Relieve Stress with Yoga

Welcome to Yoga Qi ::

Providing yoga classes in your home or any location of your choice - have 3 people in a yoga session starting at $45.  $10 each additional person (contact us for special larger group & corporate deals)


Yes - we mean $15 per person in the session!

Enjoy yoga in the comfort of your home ::

Are you feeling fatigued, stressed or simply want to lose weight and get in shape?  Don't want to leave your home and go to a studio?  Do you have a chronic condition or injury you want to deal with?  


We are a group of certified professionals committed to helping you, in your home, to reach your goals through yoga.


Yoga Qi is especially  suited for those who''re too busy to go to a studio and/or potentially have a specific chronic ailment.  We also specialize in helping beginners enter the world of yoga as well as people who're feeling general stiffness and stress from the day-to-day grind.  The simple and profound technique of the yoga we teach is the basis of a secular path of bodily movement and mindfulness, which can benefit people of any lifestyle.  


Along with our new site, there is much to look forward including our ongoing Special :: $45 for a home visit* (*see Class Descriptions for further details)!  Call us today and we will create a personal program with you- sign up for a home visit with one of our experienced instructors.


-Contact us for further information about our unique school or corporate office Yoga programs as well as our onsite residential services for condominiums and apartment buildings-